Frente Bolivarista Vol​ ​4 - Nômades 2016

1. Pigmalião - À Dois (Original Mix)
2. Vruno - En Busca de Mi Tierra (Original Mix)
3. Camila Costa - Ponto das Caboclas (Carrot Green Acid Remix)
4. Gama - Banzé (Original Mix)
5. Matanza y Spaniol - Lamento Negro (Original Mix)
6. Steffen Kirchhoff - Home (Original Mix)
7. Dandara - Primeira Primavera (Original Mix)
8. EXZ - Cantã (Original Mix)
9. Kurup - Canela (Original Mix)
10. El Remolon - Mapoo-che (Original Mix)
11. Intiche - Curumbai (Original Mix)
12. Canción Waunana (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)

The forth compilation of Frente Bolivarista is inspired on the sounds of Nomade Festival which happened in Halver/Germany on 2016. After a three day journey of a lot of fusion music into the woods, meeting dozens of great and insipiring people from all over the world we've decided to release a new compilation inspired on this beautiful exchange of knowledge.

Frente Bolivarista represents nowadays more than 80 artists of distinct sound territories from all over the globe united by the joy of sharing good music.
released October 20, 2016

Cover Art by Ju Sting -

Music by

Intiche -
Kurup -
Matanza -
Pigmalião -
Spaniol -
Chancha Via Circuito -
Vruno -
Carrot Green -
Gama -
El Remolon -
Dandara -

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